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MA English Coaching


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ArthaPoint - CUET PG MA
English Coaching

Welcome to ArthaPoint CUET, the leading institute for Cuet PG English Coaching. Are you aiming to excel in the highly competitive Cuet PG English exam? Look no further! ArthaPoint CUET offers comprehensive coaching programs designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve success. Our team of experienced faculty members is dedicated to providing personalized guidance and support throughout your preparation journey. With our well-structured curriculum, rigorous practice sessions, and regular mock tests, we ensure that you develop a strong foundation in all areas of the Cuet PG English exam. Join ArthaPoint CUET today and unlock your full potential to ace the Cuet PG English exam.

ArthaPoint - CUET PG
English Coaching

CUET PG English 2024
Batch Open For Enrolment

  • Recorded Lectures 

  • Question Bank Provided

  • More than 100+ Hours

  • Topic wise Assignments throughout the course

  • Assignments & Tests

  • E-Notes

  • Unlimited Doubt Resolution

  • Mock Papers

  • Access till date of exam

  • Past year exam discussion 

  • Fee: ₹14,500 

ArthaPoint - CUET MA English Coaching Institute

Welcome to our esteemed institute offering CUET MA English Coaching! If you are an enthusiastic learner with a passion for literature and language, you have found the perfect platform to excel in the CUET MA English exam. Our comprehensive coaching program is carefully designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to tackle the challenges of the exam with confidence. With our experienced faculty members, who are experts in the field of English literature, you will receive personalized attention and guidance to enhance your understanding of the subject. Join orientation classes of MA English Coaching Institute  - ArthaPoint CUET today and embark on a journey towards achieving remarkable results.



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 CUET MA English

ArthaPoint - CUET PG English

1. History of English and Indian Literatures:

Major Authors

• Texts

• Literary Movements

2. Indian Writing in English:

• Major Authors

• Texts including English translations

• History

3. Literary Terms: 

• Allegory

• Ballad

• Blank Verse

• Comedy

• Dissociation of Sensibility

• Dramatic Monologue

• Elegy

• Enlightenment

• Epic

• Fancy and Imagination

• Imitation

• Intentional Fallacy

• Motif

• Ode

• Onomatopoeia

• Paradox

• Plot

• Figures of Speech

• Satire

• Soliloquy

• Sonnet

• Tragedy

• Wit, (etc.)

4. Literary Genres: 

Fiction and Non‐fiction

• Life writings

• Diary

• Drama

• Essay • Novel

• Poetry

• Prose

• Short Story

• Epic

• Travelogue

• Science Fiction, (etc.) 

5. Comparative Literature and Translations studies:

• Concepts

• Theories

• Texts 

6. Literary Criticism and Theory:

• Classical and Modern Criticism

• Marxism

• Structuralism and Post-structuralism

• Feminism

• Eco-criticism

• Post Colonialism

7. Awareness of current literary trends, events, activities, awards etc.

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